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Evo Performance Hub

Performance For Individuals & Teams

Founded in 2010 and formerly named “The Evo Training Academy” our Initial business worked with a small group of footballers, with an aim to provide services to help these young athletes develop in areas were they were maybe failed by whilst at Clubs.

We initially worked on Fitness, Speed, Power & Agility, whilst still optimising the general fundamentals and skill aspects.
A combination of Physical alongside Psychological focus to Elite development and performance was found to be our successful pathway.

Embarking on a journey into research, Company Founder Mark Trigg took time to travel and meet Industry Specialists covering specific areas in order to gain further understanding and knowledge. Within this time, Mark also took the opportunity to up-skill his own credentials completing accredited qualifications and courses in Coach Education and Football Psychology courses.

Mark’s vision- “to create a one stop Hub for footballers”

Mark quickly realised that he wanted to introduce and work with leading Specialist professionals in order to improve all round quality of support to the players.
One of the primary specialists Mark enlisted was Ball striking and Free kick coach Bartek!
Bartek would work with our Professional players developing their ball striking, having particular impact and success with current Professional player and now renowned dead ball specialist Ryan Williams.

This model now working together with Evo Management allowed us to be on the ground with the players helping them develop and progress their careers. Soon after, and after spending time with him whilst conducting his research and learning, Mark added Ex Manchester United Power Coach Mick Clegg to his services. Mick was very high profile and a leading name in his field and mentioned in Cristiano Ronaldo’s book for helping him physically and mentally develop in his early years at Manchester United.
Mark done some training with Mick learning new ideas and using specialist fitLight equipment, Mark and his team of coaches introduced the “seedofspeed” model created by Mick into to the EPH to help players develop speed but with the cognitive approach.
With a clear vision now established Mark went on to grow the Evo Training Academy working with professional players up to premier league level which naturally also led to further recruitment within his team of Coaches & Associates, to cover all aspects of elite development. This ultimately enabled him achieve his vision of a “one stop shop for footballers”.

The Evo Performance Hub (EPH) was conceived and was now a reality, amalgamating numerous professional staff and services under one unique Hub. One of the new and exciting areas Mark introduced was Brain Endurance Training (BET). A cognitive training approach to increase the mental capacity of humans, using scientifically proven BET drills through state of the art specialist software, enabling remote training using a mobile app, this also now includes vision and breathing drills (the next pieces of the performance plan jigsaw).

Through proven studies and recent success BET is slowly opening eyes to the world of Professional Sport and The EPH are the UK’s leading providers of this training for professional Athletes.

Quickly realising the transferable nature of the services and programmes The EPH has diversified from just football into multiple sports / industries including Boxing, MMA, Tennis, American Football, Basketball, Rugby, Singing, Acting & Dance

If you research the word HUB, you will find:

“the central part of something, esp. of a wheel, or a centre of activity”

the central or main part of something, where there is most activity:

Clear as to why now was the time to develop the Evo Performance Hub (EPH)

Another key person within the EPH is Paul Hamill.
Paul is an Elite Performance Coach, specialising in Sport Psych & Life coaching. Paul completed his FA football Psychology up to Level 5 along with his Psychology for High Performance Sport with Barcelona FC.

Paul has played a key role helping develop structure and planning to a number of team and individual projects of The EPH.

In 2019 Paul and Mark together worked with Professional Boxers James Henegahn and Scott Fitzgerald and Bellator MMA fighter Gavin Hughes through their successful camps.
All fighters having 100% win ratio through 2019 and Scott Fitzgerald becoming The British champion. Within these camps we worked alongside other mutual services such as Sports Therapist Luke McCall.

We believe what we offer is unique and invaluable to any athlete. The ability to work great as a team alongside other professionals and the athletes current sport specific coach / team members, we think is the key to success.

As well as working in a variety of Sports and top level Athletes, EPH has created its own Academies for Athletes and Coaches to study and gain a career in Sport / Performance. EPH works in partnership with a number of other organisations to assist with their Study Programmes.

As we have developed and grew over the past few years, our expertise and knowledge within sport has enabled us to transfer these skills into numerous other Industry sectors and one of our bespoke Athlete Development programmes was successfully recreated by Paul Hamill to be used for delivery as a “self / Personal Development” programme which is embedded into ALL of our Traineeship programmes.

If we can help somebody become the best at Elite Level Sport, then those same key principles and fundamentals can and will nurture & develop great students and employees.

This has been demonstrated in our LevelT partnership programme with the E-1group. Working with and alongside Schools and Companies from all different sectors achieving fantastic results. Our programmes and delivery are continually observed and assessed for Quality Assurance by our funding bodies and Partners. Our most recent observation of delivery within one of our LevelT partner Beauty Academy programmes we co-ordinate receiving “Outstanding” feedback regards to Teaching & Learning and the nature of the programme we have created and run. The Head of Quality was so impressed that they have now adopted our model to be delivered across their entire Traineeship cohorts from all and any sectors, this is all proof that focusing on a individual performance and development strategy model is transferable to any sport or industry if your strive to be the BEST.

Our work continues to grow


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Over a decade of working with elite level athletes


We have helped over 1000 students gain qualifications and employment through our unique training methods proven within professional sport

2019 = 100%

In 2019 our client competition success rate for boxing and MMA was 100%




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